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    Photo session with naked model at Jellyfish Lake in Palau


    It’s always nice to see Todd Essick during a nude model shooting session. This session happened in 2009 while the model was  swimming at the famous Jellyfish Lake in Palau. For info, jellifish are not harmful as they don’t have any predators to fear in the lake.  Underwater fine art photographer …

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    Phantom Springs Cave Expedition 2013


    By Liquid Productions, LLC Phantom Springs cave are located in the desert of Texas. It’s known as the deepest natural underwater cave system in the USA as exploration divers have dived up to 462ft/140.8m making a record of it!  It’s a closed site and only divers with special scientific permit are allowed …

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  • Jason Isley Pic

    Underwater photographer, Jason Isley, mixes toy figures with fish in surreal underwater scenes

    Underwater photographer Jason Isley imagine some fun art pictures. After having practiced underwater photography for long and on many kinds of subjects, Jason Isley, originally from the UK, had the brilliant idea of creating surrealistic scenes by joining human figures to underwater life. Isley is …

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    Speared by a marlin


    This is not a new (Fall 2008) but spectacular footage showing school of striped marlins attacking a shoal of sardines off Baja California, Mexico. Sardines are crunched or speared by the marlins while whales are swallowing a huge quantity of fish and sealions, which also …

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    Sperm whales adopt deformed dolphin


    Another stirring story about dolphins filmed by Alexander Wilson (Official clip). This deformed dolphin has been adopted, around the Açores, by a shoal of whales which has understood it was endangered. What a nice solidarity example between different species.   See also the last stories: Dolphin seeking for help from …

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    Dolphin seeking for help from divers


    This is a spectacular clip of an injured dolphin seeking for help from divers. The bottlenose dolphin had a hook attached to a fishing line entangled to its pectoral fin and it couldn’t swim properly. It’s amazing how it gets close to the divers asking for help, during a manta …

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    Attempted rape by a dolphin in Grand Cayman


    This clip filmed by Michael Maes while diving in Grand Cayman Cayman Islands shows a rape attempt by a dolphin on Michael himself and on the very sexy Alex Mustard (if we believe the dolphin). It’s apparently a very sad and bored dolphin living alone after having been …

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    Manta rays slaughtering


    Manta rays are slaughtered all around the world. Manta Trust is making a great job to save them and to help people to know the manta rays better. They have organized an important petition to save the manta rays that you and everyone else should sign. …

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    Great White Shark Rescue


    If you find fortuitously a great white shark on the beach, here’s the way you should bring it back into the sea. Beware, don’t mistake in the side you catch! 😉

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  • Sharkwater Trailer Hd

    Sharkwater Trailer – HD


    Sharkwater is not a new film but it’s still very present and important to see as it’s very well done and talking about an important subject that should interest every human being. Filmmaker Rob Stewart is an underwater explorer who fell in love with sharks and …

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