A Coral Love Story (by Reef Patrol)

A Coral Love Story (by Reef Patrol)


‘A Coral Love Story’ is a short animation film about coral reproduction and the work of SECORE. Today, corals reefs are threatened worldwide, sometimes even with extinction. The reasons are multiple― pollution, global warming, overfishing, habitat destruction, and many more contribute to coral reef decline.

SECORE is a non-profit organization dedicated to give coral reefs a future. It works towards a feasible large scale restoration embedded in sustainable coral reef conservation efforts. Such efforts can be marine protected areas, fishing restrictions, and reduced pollution―usually only enforceable in close collaboration with local populations.

Coral reefs need our help to regenerate and reproduce by themselves.

For more information on SECORE International please visit http://www.secore.org.

Enjoy the film!
Vanessa Cara-Kerr

Michel Braunstein


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