Amazon’s Pink Dolphins in Danger

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Amazon’s Pink Dolphins in Danger

3​m has related in its recent article that even though Amazon’s pink dolphins are protected, they are still in danger as local fishermen see a rival in dolphins.

Fishermen are slaughtering the animal in the Amazon, for catfish bait. Portugese biologist, Doctor Miguel Migueis who studies dolphin populations around the city of Santarem on the Amazon, has told that the killings could lead to their extinction: “They are killing their culture, their folklore, they are killing the Amazon!”

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  1. Edna Rodriguez
    Edna Rodriguez12-16-2014

    Please stop mistreating animals! If you abuse a defenseless animal, then you are a coward!

    • Edna Rodriguez
      Edna Rodriguez12-16-2014

      Animals have the same right to live a free of harm life, just like you and me

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