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(25) Annie Muirhead
Wed, 14 December 2005

Michel, marvellous website and even better the section on Lammer and
Galapagos!!! Thank you, Annie.

(24) Nick Fenje
Tue, 13 December 2005

Thankyou so much for sharing your photos with us! My whole family loves them. They are superb, dramatic, and ultimately, inspiring. Your passion for diving and photography comes through clearly!
I will visit your site frequently and share with my friends.
Cheers Michel, and Bravo!

(23) Aurélie
Mon, 12 December 2005

Ton site est tout simplement magnifique! Toutes ces photos me font rêver.... Continue !
Je t'embrasse fort

(22) Eric Needles
Mon, 12 December 2005

Michel. Outstanding pictures. I remember how hard you worked on them in PNG and your work has paid off! You really capture some amazing shots! Wow!!!

(21) Ban Shasha
Mon, 12 December 2005

היי מישל,

איזה יופי ממש תענוג,,
זה מכניס לעולם אחר,אם אני ארצה להתנתק מדי פעם אז אני יאמץ את האתר שלך לתרפיה.

(20) Solomon C
Mon, 12 December 2005

Hi Michel! Congratulations to launching your own web site. Great pictures. Galapagos shots brought me back there. Proud to have had an opportunity to dive with you. Hope we'll meet on a yacht some day again.

(19) Ilya
Mon, 12 December 2005

Pictures are amazing. Didn't know you are so serious about it :-)

(18) Rick LeCompte
Sun, 11 December 2005

Michael!!!!!!!!!1 Great shots. They remind me of our trip to PNG. Thanks for your help to me, learning and wishing to capture the flavor that you do. Rick

(17) Elie
Sun, 11 December 2005

Je trouve le site tres exotique.
ca donne envie de faire de la plongee sous marine et d'explorer les fonds d'ocean
ansi que ces regions exotiques et folkloriques.

(16) Roger
Sun, 11 December 2005

Highly professionnal pictures ! Looks great. I clearly understand your passion for diving. You have a lot of chance that your wife accept all the time spent with this competitor !
Un véritable travail de professionnel. On ressent bien la passion que tu as pour la plongée. Le site est agréable