Guillaume Néry dives at -125m

Guillaume Nery Dives At 125m

Guillaume Néry dives at -125m


In september 2013, during the mini competition right before the Individual World Championship, Guillaume Néry did a dive at -125m on a single breath of air. The dive was 3’30” long (2’00 to get down – 1’30” to come up). The competition was organized in the bay of Kalamata – Greece. This dive is the second deepest dive in freediving history (in the unassisted disciplines). Guillaume is now 3 meters from the world records.

Guillaume is a french freediver born in 1982, living in Nice – France. He broke the World Record 4 times (2002: 87m, 2004: 96m, 2006: 109m, 2008: 113m) and won 2 World Champion titles (2008 in Egypt at the Team World Championship – 2011 in Greece at the Individual World Championship).

You will find here some more amazing clips featuring Guillaume Nery at Dean’s Blue Hole or at the famous Nemo33 diving pool, in Brussels, Belgium.


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