Kids Ocean Day in Hong Kong Bring the Shark Back to Life

Kids Ocean Day In Hong Kong

Kids Ocean Day in Hong Kong Bring the Shark Back to Life


1000 Hong Kong kids, teachers, and volunteers call for shark conservation by forming a giant shark with a severed fin saying ‘Save Me’ in Chinese (救我). The children then re-attached the fin, dotted the eye, ‘rekindling its spirit,’ and brought the shark back to life as the message of the 2nd annual ‘Kids Ocean Day’ Hong Kong organized by Ocean Recovery Alliance (a Hong Kong and California registered NGO), Malibu Foundation, and Spectral Q from Los Angeles).

You Can Help! If you support the the call for a comprehensive sale and possession ban, please sign and share this petition.

More than 10,200 tons of shark fin were imported into Hong Kong in 2011, and this trade has led to the direct threat of many species of sharks from around the world. The message is clear: the time has come for the Hong Kong Government to enact laws to ban shark fin and related products from the territory.


Last year, for the first Kids Ocean Day 2012, a dolphin was created.


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