– UW Photography Guide is a great UW photography learning guide. Owned by underwater photographer Scott Gietler, he shares generously all his wide knowledge about his passion by doing a great job.

Underwater Photography Magazine is a great and free downloadable pdf magazine. I would advise to each UW photographer to read it. You’ll find inside all the news about material, techniques, travels and more…

X-Ray Magazine is another great and free downloadable pdf magazine about diving. It includes a lot of various content.

– Dany Weinberg is a friend and a buddy. He’s a real pro, so maniac with his works! His pictures are a state of the art.

– If you don’t know Sharon Rainis works yet, do not finish your day before seeing it. Sharon is an “underwater photographer poet”. She’s designing her pictures with a lot of sensibility and talent. She’s a great artist and a must to see.

Benthic Canada diving reports site. A lot of info about wrecks. Warmly advised!

– Zac Mcauley is doing great glamour underwater works. A must to see.

– Amar and Isabelle Guillen are the people that more than anyone else love to share their work with everyone. They are great. I hope you could talk to them once, it’s a real pleasure. They have published two books in French about digital underwater photography. Now, some words for the French-speaking people.

Quelques mots en francais: Amar et Isabelle Guillen aiment plus que quiconque partager leur immense savoir. Ils sont super gentils et généreux. J’espère que vous aurez la chance d’être en contact avec eux un jour ou l’autre, c’est un véritable plaisir. Ils ont récemment écrit deux super bouquins sur la Photo Numérique Sous-Marine. Je vous les conseille vivement, pour amateurs et avances.

– Stephen Wong and his wife Takako Uno are great virtual friends of mine. We are in touch electronically for many years. They are marine wildlife journalists and biologists. They are really full of knowledge. They helped me to find out the name of some of the odd creatures I had the chance to photograph. I was sure I was the first to discover these creatures, but I understood that some people did already see them before I did. They have recently published a splendid book “An Ocean Odyssey” full of natural light underwater pictures. It’s a very special book I love it. I’m really jealous of the quantity of different subjects from so many places in the world they have photographed. I hope to have some day such a rich photo book from myself.

– Wetpixel is a great site with all you want to know about UW photography. Great articles, news and forums.

– No need to present David Doubilet “The Genius”. He’s the daddy and model for all the UW photographers.

– Dr Alex Mustard has a great talent. I love each of his pictures, they are all very special. He has also a great knowledge and loves to share it.

– Philip Colla has a splendid collection of marine mammals and sharks pictures. It’s a must to see his wonderful pictures.

– Jacques Cousteau has brought to me and to millions of people the love to the sea. He’s no more in this world, but his memory will remain forever.

–  Thom Hogan is a photography guru. He knows also everything about Nikon equipment. He has written manuals and reviews on many models of cameras and lenses.

– DPReview has approximately all you want to know about digital photography equipment.

– Claude Ruff has nicely built his web site and separated his (wonderful) pictures in function of their main color.

Pascal Lecoq is the painter of blue. He’s a great artist, painting wonderfully the underwater blue that we appreciate so much.

Amos Nachoum has created the company “Big Animals”. He’s going in the craziest parts of the world to see large animals, either in the sea or on the earth.