Maldives – Underwater Photo Gallery

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Maldives – Underwater Photo Gallery

Wide open mouth honey comb moray being cleaned – Maldives
Mantaray at the manta cleaning station – Male – Maldives
Mantaray swimming over anemone at the manta cleaning station – Male – Maldives
Mantaray filtering the water at the manta cleaning station – Male – Maldives
Sea star shrimp – Maldives
Open-mouthed Clarck’s anemone fish – Maldives
Peacock Mantis Shrimp  – Maldives
Fire Goby – Maldives
Moorish Idol over Ebudhoo Express wreck – Maldives
Hole in the coral reef – Maldives
Schooling jacks (trevallies) – Maldives
Schooling black and white snappers – Maldives
Sleeping nurse shark and diver – Maldives
Large green turtle swimming – Maldives
Green turtle resting – Maldives
Yellow leaf scorpion fish – Maldives
Moray being cleaned by a fish – Maldives
Bruun’s cleaner partner shrimp – Maldives
Ribbon eels duet – Maldives
Ribbon eel – Maldives
Ribbon eel – Maldives
Longnose hawkfish in black coral – Maldives
Juvenile parrot fish – Maldives
Sleeping octopus – Maldives
Juvenile desjardin’s sailfin tang – Maldives
Octopus mimicry – Maldives
Spider crab hiding – Maldives
Brittle star – Maldives
Juvenile oriental sweetlips – Maldives
Dramatic view of fimbriatic moray – Maldives
Fimbriatic moray – Maldives
Yellowfin snappers and humpback snappers – Maldives
Hawkbil turtle looking for food – Maldives
Yellowhead snapper biting the reef – Maldives
Lobsters protecting themselves under a rock plate – Maldives
Diver and red seafan – Maldives
So red, so beautiful – Maldives
White-tips sharks during a Maldivian typical high-current dive
Tiny seastar shrimp next to a finger – Maldives
Seastar shrimp on host seastar – Maldives
Diver taking some pictures of morays – Maldives
United Colors of Benetton’s Morays
Diver and seafan – Maldives
Anemone fish and host anemone – Maldives
Cindy the divemaster over red coral – Maldives
School of red tooth triggerfish – Maldives
Schooling sweetlips and Ali the divemaster – Maldives
Unfortunatelly, Maldives are also the victim of people confusing between sea and trash
Black crinoid – Maldives
Schooling blue striped snappers – Maldives
Schooling blue striped snappers – Maldives
Ali the divemaster and a fushia anemone – Maldives
Mantaray passing by – Maldives
Swimming turtle – Maldives
Diver swimming next to turtle – Maldives
Turtle resting with diver behind – Maldives
Mantaray on its way to the manta cleaning station – Male Atoll – Maldives
Open-mouthed mantaray at the cleaning station – Male Atoll – Maldives
Self-portrait together with my girlfriend, the Manta



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