Mantas Last Dance

Mantas Last Dance


A beautiful clip featuring model Hannah Fraser and manta rays at night in Kona, Hawaii. Film Director (EPK) Shawn Heinrichs has created this piece of art to make the people aware about the manta rays in danger of extinction.

An manta first glides gracefully from the darkness and approaches Hannah. Other mantas then appear and a moving dance begins with Hannah with a splendid music by Terra Naomi Song: “If I Could Stay”.

We must all act now to protect manta rays or they will be lost forever! Sign this petition, asking governments to vote in favor of manta ray conservation

Visit also the Manta Rays Slaughtering page with some more information on Manta Trust.


Making of “Mantas Last Dance” – Official EPK


  1. layla cordall
    layla cordall09-01-2013

    all morning i have been trying to find photos,prtraits ,something that best expresses a dream that i had some years ago,whereby,presented before me was ‘the chalice’of the holy grail…it appeared tne as a translucent subtle torqouise ray fish,its fins being the handles that struck out music that only one could hear on this level of vibration the genttlest melody as if a harp yet more subtle still,i placed it in my son’s blessed hands,for now we’ll name him Parsifal’…and yet another dream i had,was of a gielectric ray fish in waters the size of a puddle,his dedicated guardian or rather prison officer was carrying buckets of water up hill o pour over him..he told me not to worry over my son,as he promised to ttake special care of him until i arrive,and here i am at Allah Most Gracious Most Merciful’s service to offer help any which way im able…this film truly is the very best pearl in the oyster i could have hoped for…thank you for bringing the dark to light…’beautiful’…thank you,peace to you all ray

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