Nemo33 Diving Pool – Above the Water Photo Gallery

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Nemo33 Diving Pool – Above the Water Photo Gallery


Nemo33 deepest diving pool looks amazing as well when seen from the dry side of the surface. See the images hereunder. See also the deepest pool underwater gallery and read the Nemo 33 photo-article.

Nemo33’s entrance
The small yellow submarine at the entrance of Nemo33 building
Nemo33 looks a little bit like Captain Nemo’s Nautilus Submarine, only the monsters in the water are wearing diving gear!
Nemo33’s restaurant with soft lights and large deep blue windows facing the swimming pool
View of the Nemo33 pool with air tanks
Air tanks perfectly ordered close to Nemo33 pool
View of Nemo33 pool on the deepest side
Class of divers
Nemo33 from the standing stones square in front of the building

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