End the Slaughter of Sea Turtles in Bali!

Stop Sea Turtles Slaughter

End the Slaughter of Sea Turtles in Bali!


A few weeks ago SOS-Seaturtles launched a petition to have the turtles slaughter stopped in Bali. This petition is still active and you can still sign it.

Pro-Fauna Indonesia and SOS-Sea Turtles have brought the 25,000 signatures from this last petition to the Governor of Bali, Made Mangku Pastika, after their demonstration in Denpasar, from 20th of June, 2013, in presence of 25 journalists and more media people. The Governor has promised to have the sea-turtles slaughter stopped. Here’s a new petition that must be signed to make Governor of Bali keep his promises and act in that sense. Sign the petition to end the sea turtles slaughter in Bali.

See here under a very hard clip on the sea turtles slaughter in Bali, then another clip including some facts about hawkbill turtles.


Hawksbill turtles are close to extinction. Population of nesting females is now dangerously low. Here are important numbers in the following clip by Krabi Imaging.

  1. Christoph Wambach
    Christoph Wambach07-28-2013

    Stop slaughtering endangered animals NOW. Don’t wait, until the last was killed. Teardrops won’t help than.

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