Thousands of sharks close to Florida beaches

Thousands of sharks close to Florida beaches


Tens of thousands of sharks are seen migrating North along the Florida coast. Authorities closed down beaches in the entire area and kept swimmers out of the water.

Usually, sharks are heading north earlier in the year. It’s not clear why this year they are migrating later. Palm Beach lifeguard supervisor, told that Tuesday March 5th was the the first day he has spotted the sharks out in such a large quantity. He said “They were practically right on the sand.”

‘There have been approximately 1,000 sharks per square kilometer. If you were a swimmer, you would probably be within 60 feet/1.80 meter of a shark.’

The most commonly spotted sharks are spinners and blacktips, which are not predators for humans. Sharks are able to see a person and distinguish it from prey. Most of the attacks are usually due to shark “mistake” when it confuses from the deep, between a surfer and a turtle or a sealion, which are its favorite preys.

Scientists say that sharks are attracted to silver, yellow and gold, so jewels should be better left on the shore.


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