SOS-Seaturtles Dramatic Images

Sos Seaturtles

SOS-Seaturtles Dramatic Images


SOS-Seaturtles is an NGO dedicated to marine turtles protection, led by the famous legendary underwater photographer, Kurt Amsler.

Bali’s inhabitants slaughter sea turtles more than any populations across the planet. These species are endangered and close to extinction. It’s necessary to the local Government’s law  Act No 7/1999, which prohibits the killing and trading  Sea Turtles enforced. This is also prohibited by the CITES.

The turtle’s belly is cut and ripped open, the internal organs are being removed, blood is scooped out, and the head cut off. All of this while the turtle is alive and struggling in pain.

Please sign up the following petition to protect the Sea Turtles in Bali. The message will be sent to the Government’s Office in Bali.

Indonesian Government in Bali: STOP the illegal slaughter of Sea Turtles!

See also the very strong video clip here under:


Documentary: The Leatherback Turtle


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