The Sunken Lions City in Qiandao Lake


The Sunken Lions City in Qiandao Lake


Qiandao Lake (千島湖, lake of a thousand islands) located in Chun’an County, Zhejiang, China, was created by the man with the completion of the Xinanjiang hydroelectric station. There are over 1,000 large islands in the lake many more smaller ones. In the lake lays an ancient city named Shi Cheng (Lions City), built in Dong Han  period (25 – 200). Its name “Lion City” comes from the Five Lion Mountain which are behind the city.

Flooded in September 1959 for the Xin Anjiang Dam project, the city lays at a depth of 26-40m,

The first clip is brand new and includes quite good images for the poor vivibility in the lake. The second clip is older and gives a good impression of the whole city environment and the diving conditions.

More info about Qiandao Lake can be found here


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