Underwater Wedding Experience

Husband and bride go for a wedding underwater

Underwater Wedding Experience


Vicky and Vadim have decided to live a great experience and to show to the guests at their wedding some images of themselves which would be quite different from the standard pictures usually showed at this kind of event. They decided to jump into the pool with a wedding dress and suit to have a series of original underwater wedding images. The guests were amazed!

For some obvious reasons,  they  did not wear the same clothes as the ones they would wear during their wedding ceremony. Some other couples, which prefer to organize that kind of underwater wedding photo session a few days after their wedding day, use the same clothes as the ones they wore during the ceremony.

Husband and bride standing by the pool before the jump to their underwater wedding
The big jump to the underwater wedding
Why the wedding dress and the tie don’t remain at their places???
Husband inviting his dear bride to an underwater dance
Let’s dance underwater
Let the good times roll in its underwater version
As happy as a…fish!
Happiness and fresh air before a new dive
Love is in the….water!!
French kiss for the underwater wedding
United for life underwater
Champagne is required at any underwater wedding
A rose for you my dear wife, in the occasion of our underwater wedding
Some more fun and fresh air before the last dive
The wet passion, deep underwater
Husband doing some yoga for deep concentration underwater
Please do not disturb, I’m meditating
The bride is happy in her wedding dress, underwater
Time over, it’s time to get out of the water, it was so good
1, 2 and 3, it seems that the wedding dress will have to dry some time under the sun…

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