Who Am I

Photo courtesy: Fabrice Boissier

Hello, my name is Michel Braunstein, my passion for the sea was born prior to my 10th birthday as I was watching Jacques Cousteau’s movies. Just about 10 years later, I started diving and taking underwater pictures with a rented SeaandSea camera. I have never stopped taking underwater pictures since then.

For one of my birthdays, I got a Nikonos V underwater camera. A heck of a birthday present! This was probably the gift I’ve appreciated the most in my whole life.

As electronics end studies project/thesis, I have developed in 1990-91 a diving computer with optical connection to a PC. That happened before the first diving computer model including a PC connection, was launched on the market (by Suunto).


During a mantaray photo session in Yap

After hundreds of dives in the dark and cold lakes of my Belgian homeland, I decided to move to Israel to be closer to my beloved Red Sea.

I had the chance to travel the Galapagos Islands, Palau (Micronesia), Yap (Micronesia), Papua New Guinea, Maldives, Brazil, etc and of course I had many occasions to dive the Red Sea as well. More details about my adventures are available in the different articles on the site.



Photo courtesy: Arnon Ayal

I would like to take advantage of this opportunity to express my gratitude to my wife, Danielle, and my two kids, Benjamin and Ariel, for granting me the time to pursue my demanding passion. Many thanks to my parents who allowed me to follow my dream and cultivate this passion during so many years. Thanks to all the people that have helped me and encouraged me to build this site. Above all, many, many thanks to Mother Nature for being so incredibly beautiful; I hope that it remains healthy and stunning as long as possible, with the help of each and everyone of us.

I hope you enjoy your visit on my site where you will discover the pictures and articles of my most exotic diving destinations.

Each gallery allows you to view the pictures in a slideshow.

Yours, Michel

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