Amazonas – Above the Water Photo Gallery

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Amazonas – Above the Water Photo Gallery

Ariau Towers Resort from the Rio Negro – Amazonas – Brazil
Charming Amazonian lady dancer cheering
Navigating on the Rio Negro – Amazonas – Brazil
Romero, the local guide, picking a cotton fruit out of the tree
Cotton tree in the Rio Negro
Old house on the Rio Negro, belonged to farmers
Mirror effect on the Rio Negro
Local village Amazonian viewed from the Rio Negro
Sloth or lazy monkey
Black caiman being shown by a local guide, Amazonas
Black caiman teeth – Rio Negro
Romero explaining about the black caiman
The guide is showing how to catch the black caiman for demo
French kiss with the black caiman as a farewell before releasing into the Rio Negro
Mangroves in the Rio Negro
Little boy in a local Amazonian village
Little smiling girl in a local Amazonian village
Beautiful little girl with charming smile in a local Amazonian village
Taking rubber out the rubber tree – Amazonas
Emptying the raw rubber on a ball – Amazonas
Warming-up the rubber ball – Amazonas
Catapult made with the tree rubber
Waste separation is mostly important in Amazonian villages
Jumping into Rio Negro’s warm and pleasant waters
Fishermen at work on the Rio Negro, with pink dolphins in the background
Fishermen at work on the Rio Negro, while fishes jump to escape the net
Fisherman throwing up fiosh sample – Rio Negro
Romero showing up the fish
Little monkey resting on a bar
Fished red-belly piranha
Bunch of piranhas having been fished
Small frog
 Amazonian local Indians during a dance in their village
Amazonian girls during a dance in the village
Hat with huge ants used to torture ennemies
Huge ant
Woman and boy with local pipe
Tribe’s chief and his wife
Dense Amazonian vegetation viewed from Rio Negro
Bob Marley in the Amazonas
Wandering in the Amazonian forest
Surviving lesson in the Amazonas
Amazonas survival demonstration
Tree used for Chanel No 5 perfume manufacture
Tasting a fruit of the Amazonian forest
Feeding the pink dolphins in the Rio Negro
Swimming the pink dolphins in the Rio Negro
Favela (shanty town) on the Rio Negro, in Manaus
Manufacture on the Rio Negro and Amazonas Opera in the background
Manaus industries on the Rio Negro
The meeting of the waters, Rio Negro and Rio Solimoes in the South of Manaus
Gasoil station on the Rio Negro
Manaus favela (shanty town) on the Rio Negro
End of the day on the Rio Negro, Amazonas
Dried piranhas sold as souvenirs to tourists

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