Amazonas – Underwater Photo Gallery

BRA UW AMZ 0907 086

Amazonas – Underwater Photo Gallery


Pink dolphins (aka botos or inia geofrensis), black caiman and piranhas photographed underwater the Rio Nego, Amazonas.

Black caiman diving fast into the Rio Negro
Pink dolphins (also called botos or Inia Geofrensis) during a fish hunting party
Pink dolphins flexible spine – Amazonas – Brazil
Boto facing the camera, Rio Negro, Amazonas
The Inia Geofrensis looks much different as a common dolphin, Amazonas, Brazil
Boto coming from the Rio Negro dark waters, Amazonas, Brazil
Pink dolphin’s typical crest on the back, Amazonas, Brazil
Pink dolphin’s neck is much more flexible than the common dolphin’s one
The boto’s large pectoral fins, Amazonas, Brazil
The pink dolphin’s sight is keen, despite its small eyes and allows it to move into the Rio Negro’s dark waters and detect its prey
The pink dolphin’s melon shaped head under a few rays of sun
Thanks to its flexible neck, the pink dolphin can turn its head at 180°C
Some red-belly piranhas, Ariau, Amazonas, Brazil

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