Maldives – Above the Sea Photo Gallery

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Maldives – Above the Sea Photo Gallery


Maldives islands are all at one meter above the sea level. You feel there like in the paradise. The sea is splendid and the beaches are like in the best movies. Read also the Maldives dive trip article and see the Maldives underwater photo gallery.

Maldives from the sky
Male Island, view from the sky
View from the back of the Sea Spirit live-aboard – Maldives
Inside the Sea Spirit’s lounge – Maldives
Pilot whales seen from the boat – Maldives
Skyline from the sun deck – Maldives
Another hard working day in the Maldives
View on the dohni from the sun-deck – Maldives
Getting ready to anchor at the front deck – Maldives
Sea Spirit’s captain together with Cindy the divemaster
Sunrise over Goradi Island – Maldives
Anchoring the ship at the front deck – Maldives
Anchors and Maldivian skyline
Typical look of an island in the Maldives
Taxi boat bringing people to embark a plane at local Maldivian sea-airport
Taxi boat is leaving the airport
Plane is getting ready to take-off
Plane is taking-off
Maldives National Airport remains empty of people
Local resort in Maldives. You need a boat to get out of your room!
Sea Spirit and dohni
Sea Spirit and dohni from behind
As usual, the room was used as photo lab
On the way to visit Male, Maldives capital island
View of Male from the sea
Male big Mosque
Maldives  largest Mosque’s entrance
Male, the busy city, full of motorcycles
Male, the busy city that never stops
Male, full of energy
Male fruit and vegetables market
Male fishermen’s port
Male fruit market indoor
Male fruit market indoor
Male fish market
Male fish market
Maldives surprise
Inside Maldives ferry-boat
Unfortunately, shells have a big market and can be bought in every shop in the Maldives
The nautilus can unfortunately also be easily found
Splendid Hene on hand in Maldives

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